About us

About us

An early corporate career in consumer marketing and business development helps us understand how best to interpret and present a company or brand proposition.

But since 2000 we have been working for ourselves, starting up, running and developing our own businesses. This means we relate directly to the issues our clients face in managing, promoting and trying to grow their businesses.

And we are a small company, just like many of our clients.

This has obvious advantages:

  • our clients enjoy direct personal contact with a single individual rather than being scrum-tackled by a large new business team...

  • ...only to then find themselves handed off from one person to another to get the project completed...

  • ...with no-one quite knowing where things stand at any particular point

Being small also means we're more flexible, more responsive and have lower overheads - thus able to charge our clients less.

But it doesn't mean we are less committed or less professional.

We know what we're good at, and stick to it. And we only have ourselves and our clients to answer to, not a hierarchy of administrative managers who might have other priorities or concerns.

By following this link, you can see selected examples of the work we do (EXAMPLES) and you can learn a little more about our approach to projects (and the things we don't do) here: WHAT WE DO.

If you like what you've seen and read on this website, please contact us and let's see how we might be able to help.