Examples of our work

Examples of our work

A typical project for us might be just a quick freshening up of the look of an existing website...

...or our involvement might extend to a deeper review and re-presentation of the website content, including the navigation structure.

We also design brand new websites from scratch.

And we produce websites ranging in size from a single page to a hundred pages, working for small businesses, sole traders or individuals with personal projects.

The examples of our work shown below cover all of these areas (just click on a website image to view in a new browser window) and include a short description of the scope of the particular project to give a better idea of the brief we were working to.

Small business

Coastal Window Cleaning website

This project was a reinterpretation of an existing website hosted in WordPress and which was proving difficult for the small business owner to work into a presentable website.

As the intention was for the business to expand by securing commercial rather than just residential contracts, the owner was keen to have a more professional presentation that would show the business in its best possible light.

We took the basic content of the old website but reorganised and redesigned it to produce a more contemporary and business-like presentation, including sourcing additional stock photography and graphics.

We also changed the navigation to make it easier to read and provided helpful links between individual sections of the website to highlight additional services being offered.

Small business

Juno Boutique website

The previous version of this website for a clothes boutique was very limited, not presenting the full range of clothing lines carried, and the accessories were not featured at all.

The additional and slightly unique services offered in terms of colour and style advice - important considerations for a women's clothes shop - were also not mentioned.

As well as refreshing the look of the website and expanding the content, we sourced a full range of imagery for clothing and accessory lines carried, as well as undertaking some limited original photography.

Small business

Sound Yachting website

This is the second, and current, website refresh we have undertaken for this yacht dealership.

This latest redesign included updating of logo and graphics and additional website sections to present new activities into which the business had expanded.

The website structure was also modified to move away from a fixed size page to a more flexible format, and to include more visual and video content, all of which we sourced.

We also updated a subsidiary industry web page to be consistent with the new look of the main website and modified other aspects of the external presentation of the business such as stationery, e-mail signatures, business cards and the Newsletter which we regularly produce for the business.

Sole trader

Solucon website

This small consultancy had not previously had a website, working purely by word of mouth recommendation, but with a new business pitch about to be made they felt they had to have a minimum website presence for credibility.

The website was be set up literally within 24 hours to support the new business pitch.

We not only produced this single-page website but helped with the name generation, logo design, domain name registration, website hosting and e-mail.

We also designed and produced stationery and business cards.


Matt's Meanderings website

This website was set up as an alternative to a standard "blog" in order to keep friends and family informed of adventures during a gap year trip

The structure of the website was set up to receive and then incorporate periodic e-mails and photos sent back whenever Internet connections allowed.

The website design is intentionally simple and straightforward as the content is designed to be the "hero" not the presentation style.

Although a personal website, with the website address only supplied to close friends and family, we have been allowed to show this here as an example of an alternative to a standard personal "blog".


Ian Vale Photojournal website

This is a version of a personal "blog" or travelogue, essentially transcribed from a daily journal and photographic record kept during an extended sailing trip to the Caribbean.

Again, the style has been kept fairly simple in order that the content is what the reader will focus on.

This is a second version of the "photo journal", updated from an earlier and only partially completed version produced by the person concerned.

I like what I see

If these examples of our work seem to be the kind of website refresh or design approaches you are looking for in your particular project, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion as to how we might be able to help.

Or to learn a little more about our approach to website design and the full range of things we do (and don't do), please see the WHAT WE DO section of this website.


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