Pricing guidelines

Pricing guidelines

Most website redesign companies are very coy on their own websites about their charges, but we feel some broad guidelines can only be helpful in setting expectations.

Of course, there are all the usual cautionary notes about the potentially unique aspects and complications of a particular project (see below)...

...but broadly we think our charges are around half what you will find suggested by larger website design agencies.

At the most basic level, a single web page redesign would probably be no more than $75, and a single page designed and produced from scratch no more than $125.

Slightly lower "page rates" would generally apply as a project expanded, so a website with half a dozen pages might be in the range of $400 - $500, depending on the degree of re-working or new design work required.

We're quite happy to take a look at a project and give an estimate of what charges might be involved, with no obligation at all.

So if you like what you see on our EXAMPLES page and you're happy with our broad pricing guidelines, please do contact us to see how we might be able to help.

The small print

The small print

Actually, we don't really have any small print...

But it is worth mentioning that these guideline charges assume that a certain basic amount of material already exists - such as logo, graphics, copy, visuals - which is either being reworked into a fresher presentation, or being turned into a website presentation from another format, such as letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc.

Fairly obviously, if logo, graphics or copy origination is involved then this requires more time on our part - and therefore additional cost. However, with this all being done in-house, any costs are kept to a minimum.

We will be able to tell from your brief just how standard and straightforward, or unique and complex, a particular project might be and advise on cost implications accordingly as part of an exploratory discussion.

We operate on a "no surprises" basis as a matter of principle, so we would normally work to an agreed fixed budget in order to give you absolute certainty and complete peace of mind with regard to costs.

And unless we're working on a particularly large project, where stage payments might be in order, we typically won't invoice you until the work is completed and delivered. So you can be sure you're getting what you're paying for.