What we do at Pixelfino

What we do at Pixelfino

We specialise in taking existing websites and freshening them up, working with small businesses, sole traders and individuals on projects with a relatively modest scope.

"Website design for the rest of us..." as one of our clients described it.

This could be a fairly simple and straightforward improvement in the appearance of a website, or our involvement might extend to a deeper review and re-presentation of the content and navigation structure.

We also design brand new websites from scratch.

Our projects range from a single page to more complex websites of maybe 50 pages, and all sizes in between.

As part of a website redesign we will often update logos or graphics to improve overall presentation, and we might re-write website or brochure copy.

Our approach

Our approach

Our approach is straightforward and logical.

We start by clearly identifying the role of your website presence and understanding what your target audience is looking for from your website, as it's only on this basis that the most appropriate presentation can be produced.

Naturally we review other website presentations in your category, but our main concern is to ensure your website accurately reflects your business and is not simply a poor imitation of someone else's. Your web site should certainly look attractive, contemporary and professional but it should also be distinctly your website.

Initial ideas

We produce initial ideas and a suggested visual approach for review - and, importantly, to check that a particular direction "feels right" to you - as the first step in the process.

It should also be clear at this stage whether your existing website content (as opposed to its look) is adequate or needs to be expanded in one or two areas.

And in terms of content, we believe strongly that while a website should certainly look attractive, above all it must be clear and functional, quickly and easily providing the information visitors are seeking.

After refining design and content, and incorporating any final comments, your new website should be all done...!

Importantly, we do all of this in-house, coding by hand. You are therefore not constrained or held hostage by commercial templates and someone else's software in the future development or maintenance of your website, which anyone will be able to do for you.

What we don't do

What we don't do

If you're looking for more than this, and particularly for the things we don't do - examples below - this would indicate that you're in a different business or personal segment than we service with a bigger project (and budget) in mind, and you would probably be better served working with one of the many larger website design agencies.

Although we may be able help in some of these areas, we don't directly offer: website hosting, e-commerce, CMS, MySQL, RSS, annoying live chat pop-ups, booking systems, blogs, WordPress or the many similar alternatives...

Nor do we do big budgets, high cost add-on services, hard sell, multi-disciplinary teams, complexity...

If you've reached this point and you're scratching your head, wondering what some of the initials above stand for, because you're simply looking for some straightforward website design without all the technicalities and jargon, then we might just be the right people to consider.

To see selected examples of websites we have freshened up or built from scratch, please click here: EXAMPLES.

And if this all feels as if it might indeed be right for you, please feel free to contact us and we'll see how we might be able to help.